WI Coverage Maps


Mapping is an important first step in a state’s broadband planning efforts.

Developing service maps is a great way to organize and conduct a comprehensive inventory of service across the entire state with a spotlight on where there are unserved or underserved areas. This core information helps focus policymakers, community leaders, service providers and others on the central issue at hand: where is the existing digital divide and how can we best close it? Updated broadband data is requested from providers every six months, with the maps updated shortly thereafter once the data is normalized and verified.

These interactive maps from the Public Service Commission-WI (PSC-W) help consumers understand and visually illustrate what broadband options and speeds are available to them. The maps provide users with the opportunity to type in an address and visualize wireline and wireless providers for that location, additionally web links are provided to each of the providers that are likely servicing the particular address. As the maps continue to evolve additional features such as Broadband Expansion Grant eligibility have been added to enhance their value.

These interactive maps are important …

To consumers as they seek to understand if broadband is available in their area, what type technologies are utilized, which ISPs offer coverage and how they can be contacted for further information.

To the regional planning teams as they work to understand the reality of the broadband footprint and adoption rates in their specific regions and develop broadband investment plans.

To policymakers at the local, state and national levels as they seek.

Interactive Wisconsin Broadband Map Interactive National Broadband Map