Create a Technology Advisory Commitee

Sturgeon-Bay-Marina-405x270“Around 2000, Door County Economic Development Corporation (DCEDC) was working with a client who was interested in establishing a call center in Sturgeon Bay. Many year-round, benefits-paying jobs; a boon for any community, but even more so for a county whose economy is so seasonal. When this prospect looked into our telecom infrastructure and outage history, however, they walked away. A call center requires 24/7/365 telecom service, with 99.999% up time and redundant and divergent lines. We simply did not have those things.”

Thanks to the work of a volunteer Technology Advisory Committee, created in response to the original issue, Door County has had some fairly significant telecommunications infrastructure and service upgrades, and is now positioned to offer excellent telecommunications services to the business community, residents, and visitors.

Read more about how they did it in their guide, “Creating a Technology Advisory Council,” by DCEDC Economic Development Manager Sam Perlman.