Superior is in the early stages of bringing public institutions together to ensure their community receives the connectivity it needs to be competitive in the 21st century. A Community Area Network (CAN) was launched in November, 2012. Their effort is an important starting point to address future needs for the area, which is defined not just as the City of Superior and Douglas County, but as the broader northwest region with future connectivity to Minnesota and Michigan research and education networks to create a regional hub located in Superior.  Superior continues to look for additional partners on both the CAN infrastructure effort and the outreach and educational efforts.

Community Capacity Infrastructure (CCI) Grant: Superior is one of four demonstration communities that will build on the successful Chippewa Valley Community Area Network model to collectively decide how to connect facilities, provide broadband services, exchange traffic with providers and manage the addition of future institutions. Contact Peter Nordgren for more information on the CAN.

Sustainable Broadband Adoption (SBA) Grant: Superior’s outreach educators used their SBA grant to “engage learners by doing” through the use of technology by both parents and students.

Led by three area educators, Bruce Bauer, Terri Harings and Judy Peterson, community trainings and outreach events reached 6,148 participants through 46 activities and 12,564 training hours by September, 2012. Their efforts also resulted in the Superior K12 school district hiring technology coaches on a permanent basis for tech integration.

Read an overview of the CCI-SBA Grant Snapshots for Superior (Douglas County) Wisconsin.