Inter-community Middle Mile Fiber Ownership Statement:

The middle mile fiber that interconnects the demonstration communities will be constructed of 96 strands of fiber.  This fiber will be divided by three of the grant partners in the following allocation:

  1. The UW Board of Regents will take ownership of 54 strands of fiber in all of the intercommunity middle mile segments.  The University will use the fiber to support their mission including providing access to this asset to public sector entities.
  2. Of the 54 strands, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation will take control of 12 strands of fiber in all the intercommunity middle mile segments.  WI-DOT will utilize the fiber in support of their mission.
  3. CCI Systems will take ownership of 42 strands of fiber on all of the intercommunity middle mile segments.  The vision established with the grant is that CCI will utilize this asset to connect the private sector along the path in new and innovative ways.  Clearly this will create opportunities for CCI Systems and its customers to create 21st century jobs and grow private sector services and businesses.

BCCB Network Policy:

This Statement applies to the fiber / network resources that are part of the University of Wisconsin-Extension, Building Community Capacity through Broadband (BCCB) initiative. This does not apply to other fiber resources or resources owned by partner institutions / companies that may be connected to and / or providing services to the BCCB.

The BCCB is operates in adherence to the rules and regulations of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA).

The University of Wisconsin System and CCI Systems are jointly responsible for the operation of the fiber infrastructure and private network services provided under this grant. All other services (including but not limited to Internet Services Providers, Telecommunications, and Cable TV etc.) are the responsibility of the service providers. BCCB is not a service provider.

BCCB will offer physical interconnection with requesting parties via allocation of dark fiber, lit services, or electronic interconnect to the requesting party for purposes of transport. Within the limits of State and Federal regulations, BCCB is non-discriminatory and open to any requesting party. Utilization of the dark fiber by requesting parties is not restricted and open to use as required by the requesting party within the resources allocated by BCCB. Such interconnection arrangements are subject to:

  • Technical feasibility, security and compliance with any requirements of BCCB and any third-party controlling the facilities at which interconnection occurs.
  • Utilization of the BCCB resources in no way interferes or restricts use by any BCCB partner, customers or users.
  • BCCB’s current or reasonably anticipated capacity limits included planned expansion and utilization growth. BCCB will allocate resources based on reasonable requests to utilize the resources and not for purposes of unused resource blocking.
  • Mutual agreements on reasonable rates and terms to be negotiated in good faith.

Network Management
BCCB does not apply any traffic prioritization of network traffic, and will not favor any lawful applications or content. BCCB does not filter any content / service except in cases of violation of interconnection agreements.

Adherence to FCC 05-151

BCCB will adhere to the principles of the FCC’s Broadband Policy Statement (FCC 05-151):
(Consumers here defined as service providers utilizing BCCB resources)

  • Consumers are entitled to access the lawful Internet content of their choice. BCCB will provide dark fiber access, lit services, or electronic interconnect to any customer without discrimination assuming legal content to be connected to Internet sources as determined by the customer.
  • Consumers are entitled to run / provide application and use services of their choice, subject to the needs of law enforcement.
  • Consumers are entitled to connect their choice of certified legal devices that do not harm the BCCB network.
  • Consumers who lease / procure fiber from the BCCB are required to abide by all the rules and regulations of the NTIA including, but not limited to, non-discriminatory utilization.

Packerland Broadband: Cory Heigl, (906) 776-2634

University Wisconsin System DoIT: John Krogman, (608) 262-8874