Platteville (Grant County) launched their Community Area Network (P-CAN) in 2012 to ensure that the community receives the connectivity it needs to be competitive in the 21st century. Their work is an important starting point for stakeholders and community members to address future needs for the Southwest Wisconsin area. Platteville continues to invite other institutions to join in their work around both CAN infrastructure leadership and for outreach and education efforts.

Community Capacity Infrastructure (CCI) Grant: Platteville is one of four demonstration communities that will build on the successful Chippewa Valley Community Area Network model to collectively decide how to connect facilities, provide broadband services, exchange traffic with providers and manage the addition of future institutions. For more information contact Dan Dargel.

Kelsey_PlattevilleSustainable Broadband Adoption (SBA) Grant: Platteville’s SBA-based grant efforts have now concluded. As one of the five demonstration communities that participated in the Sustainable Broadband Adoption (SBA) grant, Platteville took taking a three-pronged approach to offering educational opportunities: a computer lab was created at the Platteville Senior Center; mobile labs were established at The Platteville Business Incubator and in the library system; and equipment was made available for checkout so residents can try technology in their homes or businesses before purchasing. Equipment available now includes US Cellular Wireless Cards, a wireless router, iPads and laptops. This effort was headed by April Fuhr. As of Sept. 2012, Platteville outreach efforts had reached 4,868 participants through 128 activities and 846 training hours.

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