About Us

Our mission is to assist local stakeholders in implementing strategies to attract broadband investments. We do this by providing educational resources and training:

INCREASE BROADBAND UTILIZATION: In all that we do, we will aim to increase the number of households and businesses that first understand the true value of high speed internet services and the economic impact increased utilization can have.  We encourage public private partnerships to address issues of access and focus our work on providing educational resources and research to ensure increased adoption across all sectors.

BUSINESS EDUCATION & OUTREACH: We provide hands-on specialized training to core businesses of Wisconsin on the business bottom line impact of having an online presence and e-commerce capacity.   We will grow collaborations that advance utilization of the web to increase profitability and competitiveness.  Our focus will be on rural areas of Wisconsin.

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT & EDUCATION: We will continue to partner with multiple parties to provide accessible educational options and encourage innovative adoption practices by local stakeholders.  We will continue to assist communities in exploring creative and effective solutions to broadband access issues by working with local providers and others.

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