Grant Info

Community Infrastructure (CCI Grant #1)

CCI Grant close out stats mapThe “Building Community Capacity through Broadband” (BCCB) project is based on a replicable solution for community-driven design, governed by local anchor institutions (schools, libraries, hospitals, government and public safety institutions) which expressed a demand for reliable, affordable broadband access.

BCCB used fiber-optic and WiMax infrastructure to serve 4 demonstration communities, installing 591 fiber miles, connecting 186 Community Anchor Institutions, erected 10 towers and equipped another 5 for a total of 15 new active towers (click image to enlarge for more details).

The 4 CCI demonstration communities are: Chippewa Valley Region, Platteville, Superior and Wausau.

Community Adoption (SBA Grant #2)

University of Wisconsin-Extension (UWEX) is leading a collaborative effort to develop capacity and resources for educating residents of rural and underserved areas about broadband’s benefits.

UWEX is partnering with five diverse communities to advance sustainable broadband adoption by approximately 23,500 new subscribers and increase broadband use by existing customers through innovative educational, outreach and marketing efforts.

The 5 SBA demonstration communities are: Chippewa Valley Region,College of Menominee Nation, Platteville, Superior and Wausau.

By September 2012, the SBA project statewide had…

…reached 3,803,686 participants (*including advertising reach)

…through 796 activities

…with a total of 22,708 training hours