Benefits of Increased Broadband Access

02/23/2017 Data, Economic Development, Rural Broadband, Wisconsin by j.smith

Increased access to broadband provides opportunities across a wide range of areas, including positive impacts to economies, education, health, and quality of life.

Improved Health Care
Online records make it easier to communicate with doctors about health status and treatment options, resulting in better medical services. This can also help decrease treatment and administrative costs of obtaining health care.  It’s possible to receive test results online, and patients can research specific medical conditions, medications and treatments, and the quality of hospitals and doctors.

A 7% increase in broadband adoption could create or save 50,748 jobs per year in Wisconsin.

That’s $1.86 billion in income growth. 

Connected Nation, 2008

More Education Options
Broadband makes it possible for elementary, middle, and high school students to complete homework assignments and access advanced topics and complete college applications.  Access to online classes increases opportunities for K-12 students while providing professional development and career advancement opportunities.  This leads to a more competitive workforce and a higher quality of life.

Stronger Local & Regional Economy
Investments in broadband infrastructure strengthen regional economies through increased business innovation and productivity.  Broadband helps businesses expand market reach and customer bases. Broadband infrastructure is associated with a higher level of entrepreneurial activity.  It also creates a more dynamic job market with shorter job searches, and is connected with increased productivity, flexibility, and incomes.  Towns with less access to broadband are falling behind economically (Wisconsin State Journal).

Social Networking
Broadband enables connections with people across generations and across distances. 

>>Benefits of Increased Broadband Access (downloadable PDF) 

Compiled by Victoria Solomon, AICP, Community Resource Development EducatorUW Extension – Green County



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