Broadband Funding: Updates

01/29/2015 PSC / Link Wisconsin, Rural Broadband, Wisconsin by j.smith

Governor Walker made the latest announcement relating to the roll-out of the 2015-17 State Budget at the Chippewa Valley Rally in Madison yesterday.

Broadband highlights include:

Provide $6 million of new funding from the Universal Service Fund cash balance to the Broadband Expansion Grant Program.  In addition, increase flexibility for the Public Service Commission in using current funds over the biennium and redirect unused funds from other Universal Service Fund appropriations to the broadband expansion grant program.

Expand the Technology for Educational Achievement (TEACH) program, which offers broadband access to public schools and libraries at discounted rates, by broadening existing statutory language, so more schools can request access to multiple data lines and video links.  This initiative will be funded with up to $25 million of an E-rate cash balance.

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