How much does a gig cost?

01/17/2014 Data by j.smith

How much does “big broadband connectivity” cost?

Many communities are already served by next generation broadband networks delivering 1 Gbps or more of connectivity (100 times faster than most of the broadband connections in this state). To our knowledge there are only two places in Wisconsin where consumers could subscribe to 1 Gbps service: Bloomer, WI and Reedsburg, WI. Unfortunately, the rate for that service in Bloomer is not published but you can contact them for a rate. The Reedsburg municipal utility recently announced and published their monthly rate of $274.99 per month. That is very close to the national average for the 20 communities that we have identified that have a published rates on the web. These prices range from  $34.95 – $999.95 with an average of $211.55 per month.

Links to each provider with information on rates can be found here (Downloadable PDF) or via this Google map


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