High Speed Bootcamp I, 2013

07/12/2013 Wisconsin by j.smith

Broadband & E-Commerce Education Center recently hosted a two-day High Speed Boot Camp for University Wisconsin-Extension staff statewide and across all four divisions of Extension. The goal?  For attendees to leave this session comfortable talking about:

  • How broadband is defined and what terms are used in talking about broadband
  • The role broadband plays in economic and community development
  • The social and economic impact of the “digital divide”
  • Where and how broadband ranks in Wisconsin, the U.S. and the world
  • How broadband can enhance and streamline UW-EX work and engagement with communities, families, youth, and agriculture

From this pool of High Speed Boot Camp grads, we selected six grads to receive Digital Leadership awards. Digital Leaders help peers, stakeholders and constituents recognize the value proposition of broadband and help provide clarity to issues surrounding broadband within a community context through a community-based project within their division, program area or unit that addresses broadband problems or deficiencies in coordination with the Broadband & E-Commerce Education Center.  You can read more about the digital leadership project here.

Tim Brown, Don Sidlowski, Oneida County Board Meeting May 2013Don Sidlowski and I spent this morning delivering a two hour broadband seminar to the Oneida County Board of Supervisors. We talked them through why the internet and technology are increasingly important, the technicalities of how the internet works (physically and institutionally) and got them started thinking about how County government can engage to speed up accessibility and adoption.

“We had a lot of fun preparing as well as delivering the presentation, and have already gotten some great feedback. Before I left the building I already had invitations for us to do similar presentations to two Town Boards and at one public library…We used some of the slides, and gave the Supervisors flash drives containing most of what you gave us. Thanks again, and keep up the good work.”

I want to say a special ‘thanks’ to all of you for the work you are doing. The content you presented at [the University Wisconsin Extension] Boot Camp helped Don and I to clarify our thinking and really make this presentation work well.

Tim Brown, Community, Natural Resource & Economic Development Agent, University of Wisconsin Extension – Oneida County



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