Broadband Demand Survey

03/18/2013 Data, PSC / Link Wisconsin, Wisconsin by j.smith

The Wisconsin Public Service Commission (PSC-W) has launched an effort to map broadband availability in Wisconsin. Those maps are currently available on the LinkWisconsin web site

While these interactive maps are a huge improvement over the data we had available the last few years, they really don’t inform the most important question: Are businesses and residents getting the level of connectivity they need at affordable prices?

The  PSC-W  has launched statewide broadband demand surveys for residents and businesses that get at the heart of this question. People may not necessarily know what speeds they are getting or even how much they are paying for their internet service, but they do know whether or not their broadband options are meeting their needs. UW-Extension is assisting this effort by encouraging our constituent groups to participate in these short surveys for residents and businesses. The data is then mapped and will clearly indicate where the market is being met and where we have pockets of under-served and un-served residents and businesses. This data will also be shared with broadband providers in the area.

The deadline for this survey is July, 2013.

*If you know someone with interest in the survey and no access to internet, please share the print surveys with them:


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