Chippewa Valley WI CINC update 12.4.12

12/04/2012 Rural Broadband, Wireless by j.smith

Fiber construction is still in progress with underground construction being completed in Rice Lake and all the way to Fairchild.  They have almost all the environmentally monitored areas completed by Beaver Creek Reserve and Wilson Tower.   We did get final agreement from US Fish & Wildlife that our construction plans for these environmental areas are safe enough to not affect the areas, therefore we are proceeding with the plan.

Fiber was also blown in several areas this past week including downtown Eau Claire on Farwell, Truax Blvd., Altoona and several others.  We can now complete the splicing in these areas and already have in several.   Locations in Eau Claire have been the focus for splicing and those that were left are all coming on-line now.   The one last piece we are missing for construction is final approval of our changed routes we submitted earlier this year, the two main areas that this is holding up are Fall Creek/Augusta and Wheeler/Colfax.  With the ground freezing we don’t expect to be going with underground construction very much longer.

CINC 12.4.12 tower location


Towers…. The landscape in the Eau Claire area changed this week with a new tower getting placed on top of Mt. Tom.  The new tower will replaced the old one with a larger, stronger structure.  The old tower will be torn down in 2013 after all is working on the new structure.   Work is progressing on other towers including the Oakwood, Mt Washington and Wilson tower locations.  Here are a few snapshots from this weeks’ construction.

CINC 4 12.4.12

Attaching the top piece.

CINC 12.4.12 #2

Preparing the top with antenna mounts before they hoist it up.

CINC 3 12.4.12

Crane preparing to lift the last piece in place.


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