CINC Update 12.10.12 Chippewa Valley WI

12/10/2012 Wisconsin by j.smith

This week was one of much paperwork with budgeting and equipment ordering being a large piece of it.  Our budget is still in order and is looking to be a little short in a couple areas but balancing out with a little surplus in others.  As of right now we are still on target even with all the misc extra expenses still falling inside our budget.  The last large networking equipment order from vendor Cisco will  go out next week with much work being done over the past weeks to get all in on this order, thanks to all for their cooperation.

CINC 1 Fiber figure 8 in Spooner as the crew prepares it for the conduit.

Spooner: the crew prepares fiber for the conduit.

Well the underground crews were still working on construction and blowing fiber this week and they did a great job.  They completed the carefully monitored and critical underground work in the now famous Karner Blue Butterfly areas, hopefully that is the last you’ll hear from me about the wonderful KBB.   They also worked in other areas on small sections that we need done before mother nature puts our construction to a halt for the winter.  The work completed each day is already harder and less as the days get colder and shorter.   The fiber blowing crew worked amazingly fast getting all the fiber blown in Spooner this week.  Right behind them were the splicers getting building entrances done and fiber inside the buildings again before the ground freezes, they have many more to go and have a dedicated crew working on this item.   The fiber splicing was also completed on the Truax Blvd run with the only thing left is to test, they will be testing the “hot” items early next week so we can light them up.

Mt Washington Tower

Mt. Washington Tower

Speaking of fiber blowing the long haul fiber in Chippewa County is expected to be complexly blown in by Monday next week!!!  That means we can now start splicing and lighting up sections to the north with Bloomer Hospital being a “hot” one first on our list.   Good things to come there!!

Towers – We have another tower in Eau Claire!!   The Mt Washington tower went up this week and this one will surely enhance the coverage capabilities of our public safety and WiMax networks giving us a tower in the southwestern part of Eau Claire.  Our contracted WiMax vendor was here this week again to give us an update and review the project ahead.   More to come!

Daren Bauer, BCCB CINC Region Project Manager
University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire


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