Awesome news! Chippewa Valley CINC update 10.22.12

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CINC 10.22.12. Karner Blue ButterflyI finally have the TREMENDOUSLY AWESOME news that we’ve been waiting for….  We are again able to work in Eau Claire and Clark counties!!!   We first received our stop work order on June 29th  that encompassed the complete project statewide, on August 15th we were released to work in all counties except Eau Claire and Clark due to them containing the Karner Blue Butterfly habitat. Then just yesterday on October 18th we received our official release to work in both Eau Claire and Clark Counties.  Today I met with project managers from CCI to review what is left in Eau Claire county and the attack of finishing these areas will begin already next week.   All items are released in this order including our tower projects for the region, all contractors have been notified, towers will begin as well.

CINC splicing crewsThe splicing crews are working to our west on the Colfax/Wheeler path and are almost finished splicing there.   Our bore crews in Haugen found out that the Haugen area has some nice boulders under the ground, some the size of a small car that they must work around, not your typical size rocks up there and not ledges or rock which makes it difficult as they are just everywhere.   Our bore crew in Barron is almost done after braving the Barron Flowage with a canoe as the boring had to be done 80 feet from the dam, they are done with conduit in Barron.  The bore crew in Spooner is doing GREAT and should be done with their portion of installing conduit in Spooner by early next week,  I found them working by the Spooner Middle School this week.  A plow rig will be in Spooner next to finish their pieces and the last thing will be the fiber inside all the conduit.

Rice Lake work beginsMore GREAT news is that we will have two bore crews merging on Rice Lake beginning next week!!!  They are planning to bring in even more manpower to stay ahead of the bore rigs at they converge there so they can keep the bore rigs moving.  They are currently in more rural areas and once getting to a larger city they will run into far more underground utilities that will need to be located and worked around along with much more restoration.   Here is a snapshot of CCI Systems Project Manager Dave Bergfeld placing markers preparing for the crews next week.   We are fully expecting to complete the work in the City of Rice Lake yet this fall.

Lastly I mentioned before that several of our crews were also working turtle photoon the longhaul fiber project.    On my way back from Spooner I witnessed crews clearing the path for plow rigs, two different set of plow teams working and then also clean-up crews behind them raking, reseeding or just driving down ground as it heaves a little when the plow rig goes thru.  The bore crews that were in front of these plow rigs are now working further north in key areas where due to seasonal changes we are now allowed to work because the Wood turtles have now migrated back to the waters were its warmer, they don’t like the cold.  They are still expecting to complete Chippewa, Barron and Washburn Counties yet this fall.

Snapshot of a crew by Chetek along Hwy 53. Here is a snapshot of a crew by Chetek along Hwy 53.

Daren Bauer, BCCB CINC Region Project Manager
University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire



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