CINC update 9.30.11

10/03/2011 Wireless by j.smith

CINC progress map 9.30.11

CINC progress map 9.30.11

Due to poor weather, a major breakdown and only having one crew in our area our conduit slowed way down to a crawl this week.  The work they did complete was in Chippewa Falls to the schools and Fire Station.  With the breakdown they turned to proofing pre-existing conduits.  Good thing they are doing this now, they have found a couple of locations where conduit is either not connected or broken, it’s much harder to resolve those issues when winter is here and we are expecting to pull fiber.

Also related to the fiber the CINC group is very pleased with the progress in the Eau Claire/Chippewa Falls region, we are working very closely with the contractor CCI Systems to assure we will accomplish what is most important before frost stops any progress.    Now with conduit moving fast and fiber expected middle/end of October our next task is to get the wheels in motion for fiber design and splicing.

WiMax installs are moving along.  A meeting was held with the Educational Communications Board reviewing our plans and the requirements to assure we will complete the requirements to keep our needed frequencies well before the deadlines.

Tower engineering RFP responses were reviewed, vendors are being contacted with follow up questions and interviews with expectation to award next week.

Here are some pictures of the Chippewa Co Tower.   The crews have been quite busy!! The tower now has many new antennas, wires and a very nice looking telecom shelter.

Daren Bauer, BCCB CINC Region Project Manager

University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire



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