CINC update 10.28.11

10/28/2011 Wireless by j.smith

photo rock jpg 10.28.11We found rock….quite a bit of it and quite hard rock at that.   Imagine having a machine pushing so hard against the rock that it would shoot these 3” steel rods up from 3 feet under the ground.

<–These are pictures of the push rods they use to bore thru the ground; they started out straight.  This week they bent five rods and are going through several bore heads.   We pay extra charges when they encounter rock and from the pile of broken equipment, downtime and delays I’m learning why we do.    The areas where we are seeing this type of soil are toward Mondovi, and we are getting deeper into what they refer to as the “driftless” area where the glaciers didn’t cover.  I’m wondering if the glaciers didn’t like the rock either.

Fiber is still going in the ground with two bore rigs installing conduit in front of the fiber plow crews.   No footages for this week to report at the moment.  Our fiber efforts are focusing more and more on our essential targets as we get nearer the frost coming to our area.   We are now looking to bring in a crew to pull in some essential fibers along Hwy 53 where the new Hastings way project will need connectivity to lights, cameras and sensors amongst all the intersections.

The tower engineers from Ramaker were here this past week working to survey the tower sights.  John Lebrun escorted them to several sites to collect all the data.   We also found out that our environmental assessment for the tower sites is not fully completed due to them waiting for exact tower locations on each site, we will be working with the EA team to complete those last items.

WiMax brought up the second frequency this past week where this frequency is more for the stationary WiMax locations, the first set of frequencies are for the mobile users.

The WiFi pilot made a huge leap this past week with the MPLS VRF being completed.  We are now have several organizations on this VRF and connectivity between all the WiFi equipment at each pilot site is now possible.  The group meets again on Monday to finish some configuration and testing.

Engineer meeting is next week Tuesday, expect to have an engineer from each CINC organization present as to not have to repeat the same information over and over.  There is much input to be gathered to complete the fiber design.

Daren Bauer, BCCB CINC Region Project Manager
University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire



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