League of Municipalities Supports Broadband Grants, WiscNet

06/14/2011 Policy by j.smith

In early April the League of Wisconsin Municipalities released data showing that the proposed savings from the tools provided by Act 10 covered only 61% of the cuts to municipal funding programs in Gov. Walker’s proposed state budget. …..

Finally, we strongly oppose JFC’s decisions to dismantle WisNet and to reject $37 million in federal dollars for promoting broadband service in rural Wisconsin. Many libraries and city halls around the state save taxpayers’ dollars by using WisNet as their Internet provider. This change benefits private Internet service providers at an additional cost to taxpayers. At a time when both the Administration and the Legislature are preaching government frugality, it doesn’t make sense to take away some of the very tools local governments use to reduce spending. We urge the Legislature to reverse these JFC amendments.

Statement in support of grants wiscnet League of Municipalities


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