Template to oppose BCCB budget provisions (BCCB)

06/10/2011 Policy by j.smith

Subject: PLEASE Remove Sections 23-26 from the UW System Budget Bill

Unintended Consequences of $32M BCCB Grant Elimination in UW System Budget Bill

Dear ——– (Sen/Rep/Gov ——):

There are serious unintended consequences of $32M BCCB grant elimination in UW System budget bill that will be debated next week.

As stated above, BadgerNet is NOT affordable to many community institutions, be they in rural areas or urban areas. The UW BCCB grant will serve many rural areas between Eau Claire and Superior, between Wausau and Eau Claire, and between Madison and Platteville, areas currently very much underserved by broadband providers. As a condition of the grant, the fiber being built to these communities has to be made available to any private provider interested in expanding service to businesses and residents (telco’s, cell providers, wireless providers, cable providers, etc.). In addition, these fiber runs open up opportunities for many of the small communities along those routes. Finally, Packerland Broadband/CCI Systems, plans to use some of these networks to serve very small communities along the routes. It should also be noted that four communities that didn’t get the previous administration’s blessing came to UW Extension and asked them to coordinate their efforts because of the scale required to get the federal grant.

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