Staff Contact

UW-Extension Broadband & E-Commerce Education Center Staff Contact list

Gail Huycke
Gail Huycke, Community Development Outreach Specialist | 608-957-5539

Contact Gail with questions about: Broadband and community/economic development


Mary Kluz
Mary Kluz, Community Development Outreach Specialist | 608-512-3417

Contact Mary with questions about: Broadband and community/economic development



Jennifer SmithJennifer Smith, Communications & E-Commerce Training | 608.890.4255

Contact Jennifer with questions about: Media, community outreach and marketing; Center website, social media; Center    communications; Online research, training, education



Greg wise photo
Greg Wise, Community Development Outreach Specialist and Center Director | 608-263-7804

Contact Greg with questions about: Community/economic development and Center administration.